Predictive analytics and maintenance platform
Integrate data across your value chain to get insights and prevent unplanned downtime.


Predictive Analytics and Maintenance

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Understand your data.

  • Get access to a powerful analytics dashboard already equipped with an array of widely-used KPIs to get you insights, fast.
  • Create custom KPIs to suite your unique processes with the help of a simple wizard tool.
  • Short on data science expertise? No problem! VEN's built-in neural network will automatically suggest high-quality statistical features to you.


Share your insight with others.

  • Inspect your data with stunning and configurable visualizations, supporting both real-time and aggregate views.
  • Easily generate PDF reports from dashboard views to share with your colleagues; you can even schedule regular emails for periodic reporting!


Address problems immediately.

  • Manually set thresholds for sensor values or other triggerable conditions and receive email notifications.
  • Train VEN's built-in neural network by flagging instances of conditions that require your attention and it will automatically learn a rule for identifying them and notifying you in the future.


Let computers handle the tedious work.

  • Chain together triggerable conditions to create workflows that simplify your job.
  • Generate reports, send emails, and set reminders in various sequences based on prescribed triggers.
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